Our Services

Our integrated service offering brings our clients the benefit of our experience in providing advisory, technical and project management services.

Transport Planning

Our team provides the following service offering in the field of Transport Planning:

  • Integrated land use planning
  • Precinct planning / master planning
  • Interchange planning and design
  • Public transport / active transport planning
  • Corridor feasibility studies / strategic design evaluation
  • Road safety analysis
  • Traffic Impact Assessments

Network Optimisation

Our team applies the concept of network optimisation across all project engagements. We ensure that our client’s are supported to make sound and evidence based investment decisions that consider existing and future constraints in the delivery of network efficiency improvements.

Appreciation of a corridor’s movement function and the interrelationship across all modes (public transport, active transport and private vehicles) is central in delivering this outcome. This ideology is key to providing our client’s with innovative and practical solutions to resolve issues in urbanised areas.

Traffic Modelling

Through the application of advanced mathematical simulation models we provide our clients with a rich understanding of the impacts, benefits and required modifications of proposed infrastructure schemes. Our macro and micro simulation modelling packages includes:

  • LinSig
  • Paramics

Our team’s advanced technical skill set in the above modelling software also provides the opportunity for clients to request external audits and reviews.

Major Project Advisory

Our company is built around ensuring our client’s experience major project success through providing high calibre project management and technical services. These services are delivered through roles embedded within client’s offices or as part of bespoke teams formed to deliver technical advisory services for reference designs and Environmental Impact Statements.


Travel Demand Management

As cities increase in density greater focus is needed to enhance network capacity beyond geometrical improvements. We focus on the following services to achieve this aim:

  • Behavioural change programs
  • Travel plans
  • Parking strategies

Transport Economics

Transport Economics centres around the allocation of transport resources to meet and improve the needs of society. Our team are well versed in the application of the following:

  • Cost benefit analysis
  • Economic appraisal
  • Financial modelling



Data Analytics

Our technical team uses data analytics to guide ‘best for project’ outcomes. Data is inspected, cleaned, transformed and modelled to create bespoke analytical tools.


Civil Design

Our design partners provide strong technical capabilities within road network and intersection design across the following project development phases:

  • Strategic
  • Concept
  • Detailed

Our strong Roads Safety Auditing experience of existing and proposed intersections and road alignments further compliments our strong design service offering.

Stakeholder Engagement

Our stakeholder engagement philosophy for major projects is guided by the core values and code of ethics of the international Association of Public Participation and reflects the need to:

  • Understand issues and expectations
  • Respond transparently to issues and concerns raised
  • Capture stakeholder’s social, economic, environmental and functional insights
  • Feed input back into the decision making process