Road Network Strategy and Planning

  • Client: Roads and Maritime Services
  • Date: 2017 - 2018

Road Network Strategy and Planning

As cities like Sydney become increasingly urban, the road environment becomes a more contested space. Large cities must move large volumes of people to remain competitive but the reason these cities are competitive in the first place is the quality of their places. Roads and Maritime Services is the NSW Government agency responsible for managing state roads and is looking to better understand the role of each road as a carrier of people and goods (their movement function) and the significance of the activities that occur beyond the pavement (their place function).

SCT Consulting is a diverse firm, containing transport planners, traffic engineers and team members with a long history in partnering with organisations to deliver land use change. This diversity of perspectives enables us to understand both the significance of moving people and creating successful places that make successful cities.

Our team are providing both in-house program management services as well as delivering nine road network plans that categorise roads by movement and place and consider improvements that are consistent with their role in the city. Our analysis involves extensive GIS usage to provide evidence for performance levels and to deliver spatially-mapped actions to teams after completion of the plans. We analysed some of the largest datasets across different travel market segments to distil insight for decision-making. SCT Consulting also prepares dozens of illustrator images for each report that paint a portrait of the factors that influence road network performance in easy to digest graphics.

Collaboration is key – SCT Consulting has worked with eight local councils, five government agencies and delivered ten workshops to strengthen buy-in from key stakeholders. When providing feedback on our ongoing performance, the Roads and Maritime project manager stated, “Work to date from the SCT team has been highly responsive and flexible, while continuously producing high quality deliverables.”.