Hoxton Park Road

Hoxton Park Road Strategic Design Feasibility Study and Operational Modelling

Hoxton Park Road provides access for key regional traffic movements and the facilitation of people and goods between Liverpool and the Western Sydney Aerotropolis. It also provides a link between the Hume Highway and M7 Motorway, making it an important corridor for freight and traffic. Roads and Maritime Services (a NSW Government agency) were concerned that development pressure arising from the South West Growth Area so launched a pinch point study to investigate improvements to the key intersections along this corridor that would reduce congestion and cut travel times. 

SCT Consulting has extensive experience in of road design projects such as the traffic and transport lead for Easing Sydney’s Congestion (responsible for the traffic and transport team and program deliverables on the Bus Priority Infrastructure Program and Pinch Point Program), Cleveland Street Offramp (traffic modelling), leading the Traffic and Transport team in delivering the traffic and transport assessment for the NorthConnex EIS (responsibilities included assessing (modelling) network performance (intersection, mid-block, vehicle hours travelled, vehicle kilometres travelled) and identifying modifications to the tenderer’s design to ensure enhanced operational performance and road safety outcomes), lead transport planner responsible for delivering the Devlin Street Corridor Study.

We were engaged to provide detailed traffic and transport advice from which to support the development of strategic concept design solutions to the 100 per cent design stage. Design options for each site were developed as part of the optioneering phase of the project and assessed (modelled) for the 2016 and 2026 AM and PM peak hour periods. These design options range in scope from provision of staged pedestrian crossings, duplication or extension of existing right turn bays and reconfiguration of lane allocations on intersection approaches. SCT Consulting led stakeholder workshops were to refine design outcomes based on the inputs of stakeholders.

The Roads and Maritime project manager stated that “The work carried out and presented by SCT has been to a high standard. The project components SCT were responsible for were delivered on time and have met contractual requirements… It has been a pleasure working with the SCT team and I would definitely consider SCT Consulting for similar engagements in the future.”