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Woollahra LGA Active Transport Plan


Planning & Advisory, Engineering


Woollahra Municipal Council





Woollahra LGA Active Transport Plan

SCT Consulting, in collaboration with OCULUS, has developed an Active Transport Plan (ATP) for Woollahra Municipal Council. The ATP aims to promote walking and cycling by creating a safe, connected, inclusive and convenient walking and cycling network.

The ATP is centred around the existing and future users of the network, with focus given to identifying appropriate measures to encourage key target groups and enable them with the confidence to walk and cycle safely throughout the LGA. The ATP outlines what the community wants local walking and cycling infrastructure to look like, and where Council will prioritise investment in the walking and cycling networks over the next decade.

Key to the project was identifying missing gaps in the network, choosing appropriate walking and cycling infrastructure typologies, selecting routes based around multiple criteria, and providing advice about any buildability and implementation issues.

A strong ethos of collaboration has been the focus for this project which has involved active engagement with Councillors, professional staff, interest groups as well as the community. The comprehensive period of engagement has helped to provide crucial ideas, insights, and opportunities for the development of the ATP.

The difference between SCT Consulting and other firms is the ability not only to grasp the technical aspects but also to be able to communicate clearly through reports and during meetings.
Woollahra Muncipal Council