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North Sydney Walking Strategy


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North Sydney Walking Strategy

North Sydney Council is preparing a Walking Strategy as part of its commitment to deliver the North Sydney Transport Strategy. As part of the preparation for the Walking Strategy, Council commissioned a background report to examine policy context, travel behaviour, activity nodes and walkability to create a vision for walking in North Sydney, as well as a framework with which to prioritise pedestrian infrastructure projects.

To achieve this, our team conducted detailed analysis of the walkability of the North Sydney LGA including the development of a framework in which to assess action plans. This involved the creation of a bespoke walking catchment analysis based on travel time throughout North Sydney which considers delays and barriers experienced by pedestrians in crossing major road corridors. Primary, secondary and tertiary strategic walking routes were determined based on node to node prioritisation.

The creation of a priority heat map as a framework was just one of the tools that determined the identification of opportunities and prioritisation of investment in walking infrastructure throughout the LGA.

Collaboration was key for the success of this strategy with multiple workshop sessions held with Council to discuss technical detail and alignment of work to strategic objectives.