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First Building


Planning & Advisory, Engineering, Modelling


Western Parkland City Authority




First Building, Bradfield City Centre

The First Building in the Bradfield City Centre is located within the core precinct of the Western Sydney Aerotropolis. The building will facilitate the earliest economic development activity within the Bradfield City Centre, establishing a precedent for future stages of overall city development. The First Building will include a visitor centre as well as a high-tech research facility, providing shared-use equipment for research institutions and industry partners to enable collaborative innovation.

As lead transport consultant, SCT Consulting prepared a Traffic and Transport Impact Assessment to support the State Significant Development Application (SSDA) for the First Building, ensuring the Western Sydney Aerotropolis Development Control Plan planning requirements were met and achieved for the SSDA.

This included the estimation of future traffic generation and mode share of the site based on preliminary Bradfield City planning direction and the surrounding transport network development, as well as the likely impact of the proposed development on the surrounding road network, public transport network, and active transport network as well as parking provision.  With a focus on achieving sustainable transport solutions for the city centre, a Green Travel Plan was developed, outlining sustainable travel initiatives for the development.

The team was highly adaptive and provided quality technical advice to challenges that arose in response to planning requirements.
Western Parkland City Authority