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Acton Waterfront Park


Planning & Advisory, Engineering, Modelling


City Renewal Authority


ASPECT Studios, spiire, Purdon Planning, Yerrabingin



Acton Waterfront Park

The Acton Waterfront Park project is a unique opportunity to connect the Canberra CBD to the lake. The development of the park progresses an important piece of the Griffin legacy, continuing the Lake Burley-Griffin waterfront and supporting connections into New Acton. This new 30,000sqm open space area will create a sustainable and liveable precinct that prioritises pedestrian and cycle networks and activation of the waterfront whilst providing social infrastructure for the local community.

The City Renewal Authority is currently progressing the multi-year Acton Waterfront project in consultation with the community and stakeholders. This new city precinct reflects Canberrans’ vision for their city, connects the CBD to the lake and provides unrestricted public access to the lakefront. The function of the Park extends beyond providing highly attractive open space, it also provides for walking and cycling connections in an east-west capacity through to New Acton via Parkes Way.

As part of a multi-disciplinary design team led by ASPECT Studios, SCT Consulting is leading the transport planning inputs. We have prepared a traffic and transport assessment as an iterative deliverable which supports the development of the concept over various stages and assessment of its impacts. Our collaboration has focused on ensuring an integrated approach to access and transport connections for different transport users of the park.