Our Team

Our company is underpinned by a team of passionate professionals with extensive industry experience.

  • Seamus Christley

    Seamus Christley


    In a world facing strong population growth and the challenges of increasing urbanisation Seamus’ vision is to create efficient and sustainable cities to inhabit. This passion motivates him to challenge concepts and methodologies, generating thoughtful and bespoke outcomes for projects ranging from multi-billion dollar infrastructure to localised transport issues. His approach is complemented by an enjoyment of managing and motivating large, complex stakeholder groups to deliver legacy, team driven outcomes.

    His skill set has been developed through delivering, within key leadership and transport advisory technical roles, projects such as Sydney Metro Northwest, Northconnex, Westconnex and Western Harbour Tunnel.  He was recently responsible for the planning, management and delivery of a transport strategy (Station Link) which served over 4 million customers following the closure of the Epping to Chatswood Railway to support the introduction of Sydney Metro North West.

    Seamus thrives on the challenge of delivering to budget and on time whilst exceeding client expectations. These objectives are achieved through a robust technical approach and developing a genuine connection with the client in order to understand the project’s relevant issues and core objectives from their perspective.

  • Andy Yung

    Andy Yung


    Andy has a natural affinity for team membership. He is a people-focussed leader, who fosters a culture of trust and openness to build strong teams with our clients and partners.  The level of rapport encourages good listening and deeper discussion, enabling Andy to draw out perspectives and experiences during engagement activities. He always goes the extra mile for a client and is known for his personal involvement in projects.

    Andy’s leadership skills are complemented by a sound understanding of urban planning and technical capabilities in engineering.  These skills blended with a meticulous and systematic approach to problem solving and delivery, make Andy a strong and highly competent Project Manager and Technical Leader. He is passionate about creating functional and efficient precincts and cities for people to live in and enjoy such as The Bays Precinct, Rouse Hill Regional Centre, Parramatta CBD, Sydney Metro North West Station Precincts and the Parramatta Road Urban Transformation Corridor.

  • Jonathan Busch

    Jonathan Busch

    Associate Director

    Jonathan has a passion for helping clients deliver for their customers and stakeholders. He thrives on using his innovative and analytical skills to meet the complex challenges present in the transport sector. He has extensive experience in leading large teams and overseeing timely delivery of intricate technical work. Jonathan excels at building relationships with his clients and responding to change. He prides himself on his logical approach in assisting clients to make informed decisions about how to integrate transport into projects and developments whilst delivering valued outputs. Jonathan can draw out insights to complex problems by using large data sources, advanced algorithms and bringing academic theory into practice.

    Jonathan has had leading roles in the NSW State Government led urban renewal policy and development area as well as on the Sydney Airport Master Plan and West Connex Stage 1B. He has proven his capabilities through his experience as the Project Manager for The Bays Precinct transport program which included negotiations with key stakeholders such as Google.

  • Nick Bernard

    Nick Bernard

    Associate Director

    Nick brings the ability to deliver high-quality transport planning and assessment services for state significant projects, with key experience in Metro planning, transport interchange planning, public transport and road network options development and testing. He has worked collaboratively with various transport authorities to develop and deliver significant transport infrastructure in NSW.

    His experience covers transport planning, engineering, design and economic evaluation across the project lifecycle, including feasibility studies, concept designs and business cases. He uses a pragmatic approach to decision making and project development to drive value for money and innovation and to embed land use and transport integration right through to delivery.

    Nick is adept at communicating and reporting at a high level, has been involved in major public and stakeholder consultation exercises and has managed transport projects from inception and options testing to final design. His experience includes state-significant projects such as WestConnex, NorthConnex, Sydney Metro West, Sydney Metro Western Sydney Airport, F6 Stage 1, The Bays Precinct and the Parramatta Road Urban Transformation Corridor.

  • Daniel Lee

    Daniel Lee

    Principal Consultant

    Daniel is a highly experienced traffic and transport specialist who brings a determined and proactive attitude to finding practical solutions to major infrastructure projects within his technical specialisms of traffic engineering, traffic management and transport modelling.

    His experience has been developed through key roles on projects such as NorthConnnex, WestConnex, Western Harbour Tunnel / Beaches Link and Snowy Hydro 2.0. Through utilising his technical knowledge Daniel is able to identify and implement the most suitable traffic management, engineering schemes and appropriate modelling software for individual projects.

  • Anneli Clasie

    Anneli Clasie

    Principal Consultant

    Anneli’s passion for active and sustainable travel modes, spanning the project phases of planning, implementation and delivery, is key to her focus on creating liveable cities.

    This passion is supported through her strong technical, project and stakeholder management skillsets. In order to ensure successful project outcomes Anneli works tirelessly to ensure project issues are clearly scoped with the project team as well as success factors are clearly understood.

    This attention to detail in the project planning phase, combined with her experience in major infrastructure assessment for projects such as CBD Metro and West Metro, provides her with a clear and balanced project delivery mindset.


  • Matthew Chow

    Matthew Chow


    Matthew’s background in transportation is underpinned by his desire to see cities grow sustainably. He is interested in the relationship between behavioural economics and transport, and how cities are shaped through effective transport planning and delivery.

    This encompasses a vision for liveable cities including, but stretching beyond, the optimisation of existing infrastructure. A dedicated transport modeller, planner and engineer Matthew works tirelessly with clients to find the root cause of problems and deliver informed and sustainable solutions.

  • Matthew Cen

    Matthew Cen


    Matthew has a passion for integrating cutting edge research into industry practices. His strong research background, which has seen him present to international audiences, is tailored toward developing insights based on published research particularly regarding the capacity of movement corridors and crowdsourced traffic data.

    His skillset is especially refined to access, integrate, and apply analytical methods to large data sets to solve the client’s needs from an evidence-based approach. His detailed technical experience extends through project planning, modelling, feasibility and design through to complex operational systems such as Transport for NSW’s SCATS Strategic Performance Framework.

  • Shawn Cen

    Shawn Cen

    Senior Consultant

    Shawn is a motivated traffic and transport professional with an interest in mega-cities and, through their effective design, the role they play in developing efficient movement corridors and attractive places.

    His career has encompassed technical leadership roles in projects across Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Australia, allowing him to approach issues and their resolution with insights from around the globe.

    Driven in his pursuit of providing sustainable and efficient solutions, within the specialisms of traffic engineering, traffic modelling and transport planning, he works closely with project team members to resolve project challenges through the application of sound practical and theoretical knowledge.

  • Adam Smith

    Adam Smith


    Adam is an accomplished transport planner with global experience in rail, road, and active transport projects across Australia and the United Kingdom. Utilising best practice methodologies and delivery models gained throughout his work experience, Adam has developed strong technical skills in the areas of modelling, road safety, traffic and transport scheme assessment, policy and data analytics. Adam’s desire to create high quality, amenable urban areas is reflected in the standard of his work and connection he builds with individuals across the public and private sector during engagements.